Making Math Fun!

Math has always been a sore subject in our house with my son. Homework and studying for tests was seen more as a chore than a need to excel in school. With Angela’s tutoring and guidance in the math realm, my son had begin to excel in his math class. She was able to show him that math can be fun and exciting. He comes home happy to show me what he learned for the day! We appreciate her and will continue to use her services.

Danee' Thompson

Made going back to school easier.

Starting college the only subject I dreaded was math. Even more than usual since I’ve been out of school for awhile. Angela was able to refresh me on the subject as well as teach me things I should expect to see in class. It was a extremely helpful since I was able to go back and start with less stress with math no longer being a major concern.

Reginald Washington

Innovative Math Tutoring

Numbers Evolution mobile math tutoring has changed my child’s life for the better. A child that was once fearful of going to math class is now the first one through the door and helping other children around them. More good stuff..

Angela Molock


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